The need for housing has increased tremendously over the past few years in our district, and while we've seen developments open, many of our residents are finding that they are priced too high.  I plan to work with the Housing and Community Development Office to explore affordable housing options that would include educational programs to help first time buyers/residents transition into successful home ownership​.  

Infrastructural Renewal

I am committed to continuing infrastructural improvements throughout our district.  This includes improving drainage, keeping our roads free from damaging potholes, and managing our public transportation system to include more routes and time options.  

Public Safety

Regardless of which part of District 1 you reside, you deserve to feel safe in the place you call home.  We must work hand in hand with law enforcement to address the public safety needs of our district.  We will explore 21st Century approaches to public safety while supporting the need for a well staffed Sheriff's Office.  

Support Small Business

District 1 will continue to be business friendly by identifying any county red tape that are burdens for Augusta’s small businesses and work with key departments to reform them​.  Anyone who wants to open a business in our thriving downtown should be able to without having the burden of high taxes and low incentives. 

Downtown/East Augusta Food Desert

The U.S. Department of Agriculture describes food deserts as a community where at least 500 people live more than one mile from a supermarket or large grocery store.  The severity of the food shortage in Downtown Augusta and East Augusta is about more than attracting grocery chains to our area.  As commissioner, I would work to provide tax incentives to food suppliers and small businesses to provide healthy food options to areas out of reach of quality supply. 


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